Can We Use Energy Medicine?

Do you know much about your body’s energy? Energy medicine could be the medicine of the future. As we have seen previously that the ancient forms of medicine that the body was more than just fresh and bones but there was also energy there as well.

We feed our bodies to increase our energy and this energy gives us power. This is the same when we fill our cars with fuel; we want the car to be able to move. Accordingly to quantum physics, the molecules that make up the human are a form of vibrating energy.

Every thing around us is composed of fields of vibrating energy. Different things vibrate at different frequencies. We have all heard of xrays, microwave, radio waves and television waves – all of these vibrate at different frequencies. We have all read about kirlian photography and have seen examples. This proves that objects emit light rays. Different colors are indicative of different things.

Now that we are aware of the body being energy, we also must accept that there are different forms of energy some being emotional energy, natural energy and spiritual energy. You will find that your energy levels are the highest when you feel the happy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine all have one thing in common. They all refer to “life force.” In India it is Prana, In China it is Qi or Chi and in Japan it is Ki. The best way to describe it is a force that keeps us alive. We are all born with Chi and then some we get out of the foods we eat and the air we breathe.

Eastern religions teach that we have many spinning spheres in our body know as chakras. These Chakras spin at different frequencies and when each charka is spinning at the right frequency, we are balanced and in perfect health. With all the stresses of today’s society, if the charkas become unbalanced, illness will follow.

To fix this it may be necessary to go to a Reiki therapist or you can also fix it by visualizing and meditation on the charkas.

These are the main Charkas where they are and what color they are and what they govern.




What they govern

Base                      Base of Spine              Red                 Your physical body and your survival

Naval                     At the naval            Orange             Emotional identity and sexuality

Solar Plexus        Solar Plexus           Yellow               Ego and self esteem

Heart                    Heart/Chest            Green               Love, balance, relationship

Throat                   Throat                        Blue                  Communication and Creativity

Third Eye             Brow                         Indigo               Imagination and institution

Crown                   Top of the Head    Violet                Wisdom/knowledge and understanding

So you can see that now in the Western world we are adopting some of these energy methods to help heal ourselves.


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