Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) ®

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)® was and is an off shoot of Thought Field Therapy®. It was after Gary Craig trained with Dr. Roger Callaghan, a psychologist, in 1991 that EFT was born. Dr Callaghan had studied acupuncture and kinesiology. Gary was an engineer and was always interested in personal development and self improvement.

Gary started presenting seminars and offering “personal performance coaching.”

After Gary took training in Thought Field Therapy he began using this method on his clients. Over the next five years Gary was trying to simplify the tapping method.

Gary developed and refined the technique over the next five years. Gary released his Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) course in 1995.

It is used to treat the same problems or conditions as TFT such as phobias and fear, weight lose, stopping smoking and many more.

There have been several other therapists who also trained with Dr Callaghan that developed a different style but Gary Craig is the best known. Gary’s method is very simple and is very effective. There is documentary evidence that the success rate is over 80%.

If you want to find out how it works and differs to Though Field Therapy, watch the video and learn the points to tap. Again it is based on the meridian system of the body. The meridian system carries the life force throughout the body.

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