Exercise and The Effects on The Brain.

There is no doubt that everyone at all ages should make exercise a daily routine. Just thirty minutes per day for a minimum of 5 days a week can certainly change your life. Studies have shown that exercise can help with learning and prevent dementia in later life. There has now been new research conducted to find out how this is occurring. They now know that the brain receives energy during exercise just like your muscles.

During exercise, your muscles create mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny membrane enclosed structures that provide energy to our body. They are also known as the “power house” of the cells because they give the cells energy. It has now been shown that the brain also receives benefits from the mitochondria when you exercise.

When we exercise and the brain receives a boost of mitochondria, the brain receives extra energy allowing it to function faster and more efficiently. This could also help explain why people who exercise tend to stay younger and healthier than those that fail to exercise.  People who are committed to a regular exercise regime tend to stave off some of the diseases that come with the onset of age.

There is no particular exercise that is mentioned that is better than another. Any form of exercise, as long as done on a regular basis, is beneficial.

One researcher into this is J. Mark Davis who is a physiologist at the University of South Carolina. “The evidence is accumulating rapidly that exercise keeps the brain younger,” Davis told Scientific American.

It is up to all of us to find an exercise that suits our lifestyle. It could be yoga, walking or working out in a gym or any other form you like, but to maintain our health, we need to exercise on a regular basis.



  1. Hi Sue
    I don’t exercise regularly, but I am up and down with Eddie all day and half the night!
    I think housework and gardening give me a lot of excerise too.

    1. Hi Dee

      Gardening is a great form of exercise. I know I should do more myself but there are never enough hours in my day.

      To YOUR success


  2. Hi Sue

    Exercise to me I’m afraid is a bad word. I don’t do any on any sort of regulay basis.

    If I have to walk anywhere I try to reduce the distance as much as I can and take my time about it.


    1. Hi Richard

      Even if you can just go for a walk or do a bit of stretching – it is better than nothing.

      To YOUR success


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