How to Give Your Brain More Power

We all have different IQs but there are ways to increase the capacity of your brain. If you believe that you can boost you brain power and experience better results – then there is help available for you.

These seven steps as shown here are going to boost your brain and keeping it working perfectly.

1. Have a regular exercise regime

It is not particular important what exercise you get involved with because something as simple as walking is fine. As you get fitter, after a period of time, increase the intensity of your workout.

When you work out, there is a release of neurochemicals. Endorphins are released and this makes us feel happier and if you feel happy this will create a more positive effect in the brain.

2. Take Diet Supplements.

We have often heard that natural supplements are good for our health and therefore good for our brain. Omega 3 comes to mind. These supplements are available from you local health store, your supermarket or on line.

3. The Beneficial Effect of Using Your Brain

Just as you exercise your body, you must exercise your brain. This can be done through a variety of different methods. It may be as easy as engaging in conversation with friends and family or you may even play some type of educational game. This could even be a game on line. Crossword puzzles make you think and learn. Any form of activity that stimulates the brain is good.

4. Playing Games

Find games that have a good effect on your brain where you are forced to think. There are several games online that could be what you want but avoid any that do not require much thought. There are also several gaming consoles that may suit you. Play games that increase your power of thought and in turn increase you brain function.

5. Choose an Educational Hobby.

Choose something that interests you where you can learn something. For example, you may want to join a class and learn how to write a book. You should be able to learn more on the subject than you already know. An educational hobby is designed to use parts of the brain that you do not normally use.

6. Enjoy Your Sleep.

Sleep is a time when the body and mind recharges itself. The amount of time we sleep should be between six to eight hours per night. If you like to take a power nap during the day, ensure that it is for a maximum of 20 minutes. This works well for some people because they feel regenerated and can tackle more in their day. Never deprive yourself of sleep – this is what allows the brain to function better.

7. Relaxation.

Always allow time for relaxation. Because we are often rushing to get things done, not only does our body get tired but also our mind. Many people find that even exercise can be a form of relaxation, in particular, yoga. Meditation is also a great way to relax the mind. Just allow yourself time to wipe all the worries out of your mind. Which form of relaxation you choose, will allow you to feel healthier and happier and increase your brain’s performance.

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Sue McDonald

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