The natural healing art of Massage Therapies has been around for thousand of years but its popularity in the last 20 years has skyrocketed. We can thank the entrepreneurs who thought to start clinic and day spas, where most of us go to be pampered and relieve ourselves of our stress and tired and sore muscles.

What type of massage is for you? There are several types of Massage Therapies and I will just give you a brief description of some that are available.

The most common form of massage is the Swedish massage. This is a massage using oil or balm. It contains a series of stokes and movements using hands, fingers, thumbs, elbows and the forearm. The aim of this massage is to relax the client and let them enjoy that revitalized feeling.

Shiatsu, Thai and Tui Na (Chinese Remedial massage) are three Massage Therapies based on the eastern philosophy of treating the entire body. They are based on the meridian system and the energy Ki or Chi that flows through the body. The massage is carried out as the therapist traces out the meridians, using pressure points, and they tonify or sedated the Ki or Chi. These traditional massages are based on the idea that the body, mind and spirit form an integrated whole and that we are all connected to the environment and nature. After one of these massages, the body is returned to balance and the Ki or Chi flows smoothly and freely.

Reflexology is much more than a foot massage. This is an ancient massage and there are images in the tomb of Ankmahor in Egypt, depicting the practice of reflexology. The theory of this massage is that each part of your body is mapped out in the 10 zones of the feet. By massaging different areas of the feet, tension and blockages are released from the corresponding part of the body. This massage stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation. This is a non invasive treatment and there are people who love reflexology.

Aromatherapy is another massage that uses oils but they are essential oils and the massage is particular designed for a each particular person. There are about 300 oils that can be used by themselves or combined. The oils work with the chemistry of the body. The aromatherapist will take a full history of the client before deciding what oils to use. It is a very relaxing massage and can be found in most clinics and spas.

Remedial massage is a massage particularly used for people who are experiencing pain or discomfort in a muscle or a muscle group. It is through the use of strokes and firmer pressure to remedy the pain or discomfort. This massage reduces the tightness or soreness, thereby letting the client gains back their range of movement and their flexibility.

There are several other Massage Therapies available but it is an individual choice. My suggestion would be that you try a few of them to see what suits you the best.

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