Change Your Life

Change Your Life

You can change your life forever and for the better when you change the way you think, this is the start when it comes to personal development. The following techniques describe easy ways to improve your personality, moral character, and way of living.

Once you have made the decision to improve or make changes in your life, commit to doing it. You can put all the thought into it and devise a perfect plan for life but if you never put it into action, then you will not see results. Fulfill your dreams and make what you desire a reality.

It is so important to know what you want out of life when you are involved in personal development. Long-term goals are very helpful, and they can have a huge impact on how you view the world.

If you feel that you are constantly unable to reach your goals, then you need to stop and reassess your goals and what you are doing to reach them. Look around online and try to find others that have had similar goals and see how they compare. You may find that you are setting the bar too high, forgetting a critical step, or not allocating enough of your resources to solving the problem.

Act with your core values in place

Most people have a system of beliefs and principles they subscribe to. Use your faith in these principles to drive your faith in yourself. This practice will encourage consistency, a valuable character trait to keep.

Your reaction to a situation can determine your level of stress. Stay calm and apply rational analysis to your situation. Even if mistakes have been made, you have the opportunity to find a fix or manage to live through it. Prioritize your achievements over your failures.

Most employers don’t care about your school or college, they care about the degree you earned and if you can complete the work. Finance jobs are one of the few exceptions, as your school will matter a great deal. Truthfully, it’s more crucial that you have obtained a degree and expanded your horizons.

Maximize work time. One simple solution is to go on more breaks while you work. It can seem like the opposite would be true, but taking mini breaks frequently will allow you to feel less bored, and get more done during the times you are working.

Someone might have told you that listening skills are just as essential as speaking skills. This is definitely true concerning personal development. You should not only listen closely to others, but to yourself as well. If you’re not able to hear yourself, you can’t possibly get a grasp on what is truly necessary for self improvement.

Conduct yourself with wisdom and modesty as you go through life. There are certain things in your life that you just can’t change. Learn to spot the things you can fix and just learn life lessons from the ones you can’t. You do have limitations; being modest helps you accept this fact. Your past experiences, plus a bit of wisdom, means a brighter future.

These suggestions may have helped you find a way to be a better all around you! By implementing the tips provided here you will be able to begin your journey of personal development, and make your life one of happiness and fulfillment.

Getting Fit and Healthy

Getting fit and healthy is not a difficult concept to follow. We have often heard –“eat well and be healthy”. This is very important advice but there are also a few other guidelines we should follow. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and this helps prevent illness and disease. It is not difficult – the hardest part is just to start.

• Eat at least two piece of fruit and five vegetables daily
• Eat only lean meat, and skinless chicken
• Make fish a part of your weekly diet
• Avoid deep fried foods like potato chips
• Drink plenty of water
• Avoid processed and packaged foods
• Choose foods that are low in salt and sugar
• Learn to read the nutrition labels on tins and packages
• If you are a smoker – quit
• Don’t sit in front of computers or TVs for too long
• Drink alcohol in a responsible fashion
• Try to be active and exercise for about 30 minutes every day
• Eat plenty of cereals – wholemeal is especially good
• Always start the day with breakfast
• Include dairy in your diet – cheese, milk and yoghurt
• Avoid sodas that are high in sugars and avoid candy

We talk about committing ourselves to some type of exercise. What physical exercise is best? This really depends on how physically fit you are at present. If you are overweight and you want to lose weight, start with a simple form of exercise that you can do at least 4 to 5 times a week. These are just a few types you may consider.
• Walking – its free
• Get a friend or family member to walk with you
• Join a gym and try classes like yoga, pilates, or step
• Get yourself a personal trainer
• Take the dog for a walk
• Play with your children
• Swimming
• Tennis
• Bowls

For those who like to make excuses every time the word “exercise” is mentioned, here are just a few tips that will help you to achieve. Along with a healthy diet, the fact is that exercise increases our energy levels and we will then experience better health. These are a few ideas to help change the way you think about exercise.

This is essential – get your training or exercise clothes together before you go to bed.  There is no excuse, the clothes are ready for first thing in the morning or when you get home from work. Start with a very low intensity form of exercise and as your fitness level increases, the intensity can be increased. There is no point to over doing it and ending up sore and sorry for yourself.

Make a rule that the television or computer is not turned on until after you have completed your exercise. Make it easy and enjoyable – take a friend or family member, or the dog, with you on your walk or just take your ipod or mp3.

Commit to a minimum of 4 to 5 exercise sessions a week of at least 30 minutes a time.

Don’t rush out to purchase expensive exercise equipment. Start with some simple form of exercise and as you fitness levels improve then think if you want the equipment. There is no point in wasting money on something you are not going to use.

Being healthy is about eating that healthy diet and committing to a fitness and exercise program and following your dreams and passion in life.

Maintain Strong Bones

The strength of all of the bones in our body is governed by a few simple factors. We want to make sure that our bones are strong and we can even improve our bone strength.


Exercise is essential to maintain good health and increase our bone density. There are two cells that alter the form and strength of our bones. These are the osteoclasts which thicken our bones and then we have the osteoblasts which have the reverse effect and will break the bones down. When we exercise, we can alter the activity of these cells. When you exercise, you are putting force on your bones and this in turn creates an electric current that moves along the bones. During exercise the osteoclasts are stimulated and the result is that this stimulation builds up the bones which are being stressed. When this is happening, the osteoblasts will absorb small amount of bone that is not required.

This action will help increase the strength of the bones.


Your bones come from a crystal formation called apatite. Large amounts of calcium and a small amount of phosphorus is needed by apatite. We have always been told we need calcium in our diet. Vitamin D (also known as the “sunshine” vitamin) helps the body absorb and use calcium. These days they now add a form of vitamin to some milk products.

Dairy products such as cheese and milk are a great source of calcium. If you tend not to use diary products, there are other ways of getting calcium. Calcium is found in many varieties of nuts, green leafy vegetables, legumes and grains. The nutrient found in milk and other dairy products stick to the calcium and you can lose it. Calcium in dairy products is harder to digest and absorb. That is why you should also get your calcium from the other sources we have already named.

So now you can see why you should maintain a good healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. Your exercise regime should include both aerobic and flexibility components.

Stretch and Avoid Pain

If you want to avoid back pain, stretching is a great way to avoid the pain. When you stretch, you stretch muscles, joints, ligaments and bones and this promotes blood and fluid flow. Stretch workout includes arms, legs, torso, shoulders and core.

To work the shoulders – stand erect and place you hands on your hips and shrug your shoulders. Next rotate the arms in a clockwise motion to the count of 15 and then rotate your arms in a counter clockwise position for the same count.

Next we look at stretching the triceps to avoid tension. The easiest exercise is to stand erect and place the tip of your fingers, right hand, just at the back of the shoulder. With the left hand on the elbow gently push the finger tips down towards the scapula. Hold it there for a count of eight. Repeat the same on the left hand side.

We now look at stretching the arms. Again stand with your feet hip width apart. Lift the right arm so it is parallel to the floor and directly in front of you. Now start rotating the arm in a clockwise movement and increase the size of the rotation as you go. Do this for a count of ten and then change direction and do it in a counter clockwise direction for the same count. Repeat this using your left arm.

To work the torso – stand with your feet hip width apart. Now you want to do lateral bends forward and back bends. Never force your body to move more than is naturally does. Another exercise that is good for the torso and the core is to stand as before, arms hanging loosely by your side and turn the body from side to side allowing the arms to move freely.

Another good stretch is to lock your hands together at the base of your spine. Stretch the hands downwards as much as you can. This will pull the arms back and open your chest area.

Remember never try to overstretch as this will create muscle soreness. If you do these exercises every day you will notice you range of motion improving as time goes by.

Choose a Massage

Some people particularly enjoy a massage but what one do you think you would like? Massage is a soothing therapy that can help relieve the aches and pains in the body and also help relieve our tension.

As with many alternative therapies, the origin of massage can be traced back thousands of years to Egypt and in the East.

A massage will not only make you feel better but are some good health benefits to be gained. It increases blood flow to your muscles, tissue and every cell in your body which brings oxygen and nutrients to these critical areas. It also stimulates lymphatic flow, improving tissue drainage and the immune system. By drinking plenty of water after a massage, you can help flush out toxins.

Here are some of the different massages that you might consider.


An ancient Chinese technique involves the therapist using his fingers to acupressure points on the skin and this will release muscle tension and help promote circulation and energy flow. Acupuncture and acupressure use the same points, but acupuncture involves needles. The pressure restores balance through increasing or decreasing the flow of Chi.

Swedish Massage

This is the most common form of massage. The massage is for relaxation and improved circulation. The therapist applies oil to the skin and uses flowing strokes and kneading movements to relieve tension from the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is more vigorous and uses various styles to loosen the muscles. It helps break patterns of tension, relieves chronic pain, including inflammation-related pain such as tendonitis and improves range of motion.


Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure.” This technique is similar to acupressure where the practitioner uses their finger, thumb, palm, elbow, knee (and sometimes even walk on you) to put pressure on acupuncture healing points. This unblocks the flow of energy and encourages blood and lymphatic flow. It also promotes relaxation and strengthens the body against disease and restores balance.

Sports Massage

This treatment incorporates several massage techniques which is great for athletes. It keeps the body flexible, increases performance and assists in rehabilitation from an injury.

Hot Stone Therapy

During this therapy, heated stones are placed strategically on the body which dilates blood vessels and gets blood and oxygen flowing into tense areas. It can feel like a body “rush.” The soothing heat can also prepare the body for deep-tissue work as well as alleviate pain.

Aromatherapy Massage

The therapist incorporates essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers and roots into the massage. They select the proper oils based on a particular physical condition and blend them into a massage oil or lotion. The end result is a relaxing massage tailored to your individual needs.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage focuses on a pregnant woman’s needs including swollen hands and feet, stress on weight-bearing joints, exhaustion and lower back pain. The practitioner positions you to accommodate your baby bump. This massage should only be carried out by a professional massage therapist.

Eating and Exercise

Eating well is something we should do every day and when we combine this way of life we exercise we should maintain good health. Your body needs energy to exercise and so our everyday tasks. What you eat is very important.

It does not matter if you are doing cardio or resistance training, you should always maintain a balance between the protein and the carbohydrates that you eat. This balance depends on the type of training you are doing. High intensity training requires that you will need to consume more calories than if you are only doing a very light workout only consume fewer calories.

If you are a person who does a lot of cardio exercising, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein is 2/3 carbs to 1/3 protein. This prevents you muscles from breakdown during your exercise.

If, however, you are doing resistance training the mixture of proteins to carbohydrates is the opposite- 1/3 carbs and 2/3 protein. This will help protect your muscles while you exercise this way.

It is also important to eat after you have exercised. When you exercise you deplete your body of energy in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is the fuel required by the brain and central nervous system. You have to replace this glycogen because if it is not replaced, you body will start breaking down muscle tissue into amino acids and the covert these into fuel for the brain and central nervous system.

When you do resistance training, you will break down some of your muscle tissues by creating small tears. This is why you need your protein because this will aid in the repair of those muscles. When you have completed your resistance training, you will need to consume a combination of carbs and proteins. After resistance training it is advisable to wait around 30 minutes before consuming food.

After your cardio session workout, your body mainly requires carbohydrates and the best ones are those that are high in fibre. The best carbs to consume 5-10 minutes after your work out are rice, oatmeal or whole wheat pasta.

I like a combination of both of these exercises. Each one helps maintain your good health.


Healthy Foods

Healthy eating and physical fitness go together, but there are no magic foods that cause you to be one hundred percent healthy. There is no one food that can make you healthy. You should have a variety of foods but the main thing is to watch how much you eat. Portion size is very important. Most people eat more than they need to stay healthy.


Berries are very good for you especially blueberries as they are full of antioxidants. They can be eaten as a snack or made into a smoothie and this is much healthier than having a desert. All berries are a rich source of vitamin C. Another berry that is becoming more popular is the gogi berry. Gogi berries are full of nutrients that your body needs.


All varieties of citrus are know for as a rich source of vitamin C. What ever citrus you choose make sure it is ripe. IF you have your own fruit trees, pick the fruit and eat it as soon as possible. If you eat it this way you will get maximum nutritional value. A lot of people will start their day with grapefruit. You can also add a dash of lime to your salad.


There are so many vegetables but most people will often only buy and cook their favorites. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you may be more adventurous and try many varieties. We all need potassium, which we find in bananas, but we can also find it in the storks of broccoli. A healthy option for lunch is to have a salad. It is very refreshing.

Whole Grains

It is advisable to use more than one whole grain because you need to mix the grains to make sure your choice is nutritionally sound. For example, you can mix brown rice and wheat kernels and serve with a spicy seasoning. This is a very popular dish in some countries.


Salmon is a very lean fish and a great choice if you are looking for a health option. It is a rich source of Omega 3 oil. It can be cooked in a variety of ways but is often grilled or baked. Before eating, squeeze a little lemon or lime over it.


Legumes are also known as pods and some edible legumes are peas, dried beans and peanuts. Legumes are a great nutritional choice as they are full of iron and also high in fiber. Peanuts can be used in a variety of dishes.

Nuts and seeds

There is a lot of goodness in nuts and seeds. Everyone has heard that walnuts and pecans are a great brain food. Flax seeds also fill this role and are often mixed into a salad. Flax seeds are another source of Omega 3 oil.

Lean proteins

Lean proteins mean just that – all fat is trimmed from the protein source. One factor here is your portion size. You only need 3 ounces of protein as your daily intake. If you want a non meat protein you may like tofu or a dish of beans and brown rice.


There are several types of tea that you can drink. Different teas are drunk for different health reasons. Green tea is very helpful if you are on a diet. Some teas can relax you while others will make you more alert.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy oil and you can use it in your everyday healthy diet. You can make a salad dressing with it by mixing it with vinegar. You can use it to fry your foods but do not have the temperature too hot because this will cause the oil to break down.

Benefits of Alternative Therapies

There are people out there who have been victims of some degenerative diseases such as AIDS, MS and chronic fatigue syndrome and do we still wonder where these health problems started.

Is it possible to remain healthy and avoid a lot of illness and disease? What do you do to maintain a healthy mind and body? There a great number of people now seeking alternative cures. There are a greater number of people taking medicine and health additives that they can purchase from their health store.

These people are also more likely to try alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine – from herbs, traditional massage or acupuncture.

We all know that many unhealthy conditions are caused through the wrong diet. These conditions can be reversed if we change the diet. These can include heart disease, weight problems, arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. They may also need some medication in the beginning but it is possible to regain your health and you might be able to cease your medication with the agreement of your doctor.

Even our western doctors are advising patients to use alternative therapies. Natural therapies that are found in alternative medicine are much older than any of the western treatments.

While we can all agree that drugs have saved lives and modern medicine has extended lives, there are still super bugs out there that are now drug resistant.

It is important to know what is available to us in keeping healthy. I do not believe that just diet alone will keep our body healthy. There has to be some form of exercise that will help maintain our bodies. It could be as easy as walking or attending a yoga or tai chi class. Exercise is a vital component of staying healthy.

So why not allow yourself to try some of these therapies that are available. Some doctors are now realizing that just as in the eastern Medicine – you have to treat the body as a whole – that is body, mind and spirit. They are searching for answers why some of their patients are not improving with the drugs they have prescribed.

The world is once again embracing the natural way to healing.

Raw Food Diet

Do you think you could go on a raw food diet? It’s is a popular diet because not only do you lose weight but you are also leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Most people eat a lot of processed food and some of the food additives that have been added to this food are actually harmful to your body. Some processed foods are full of preservatives and this is not want you should be eating. Processing and cooking food may also take some of the nutritional value out of it. So if you want to lose weight and become healthier why not try the raw food diet.

The raw food diet means that you do not eat processed food and you eat uncooked whole food such as fruit and vegetables. You can also including raw nuts and seeds and dried fruits. You can eat a great variety and you certainly do not have to go hungry. Why not grow your own sprouts?

On a raw food diet, you will find that you are consuming food that contains a lot of liquid. This is the same way our ancient ancestors ate. Most of the liquid they consumed was from the food they ate or natural spring water.

The raw food diet is a diet where you will find that you have a lot of energy. It is a great way to get a healthy body and healthy skin. Our bodies are meant to work and we need to exercise for maximum health and fitness. If you can eat raw food and exercise at least five times a week for at least 30 minutes a time, you will find that you can avoid being ill. This diet is gaining in popularity especially when people see how they can become so healthy. Check out this video about a raw food diet.

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