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Eating and Exercise

Eating well is something we should do every day and when we combine this way of life we exercise we should maintain good health. Your body needs energy to exercise and so our everyday tasks. What you eat is very important.

It does not matter if you are doing cardio or resistance training, you should always maintain a balance between the protein and the carbohydrates that you eat. This balance depends on the type of training you are doing. High intensity training requires that you will need to consume more calories than if you are only doing a very light workout only consume fewer calories.

If you are a person who does a lot of cardio exercising, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein is 2/3 carbs to 1/3 protein. This prevents you muscles from breakdown during your exercise.

If, however, you are doing resistance training the mixture of proteins to carbohydrates is the opposite- 1/3 carbs and 2/3 protein. This will help protect your muscles while you exercise this way.

It is also important to eat after you have exercised. When you exercise you deplete your body of energy in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is the fuel required by the brain and central nervous system. You have to replace this glycogen because if it is not replaced, you body will start breaking down muscle tissue into amino acids and the covert these into fuel for the brain and central nervous system.

When you do resistance training, you will break down some of your muscle tissues by creating small tears. This is why you need your protein because this will aid in the repair of those muscles. When you have completed your resistance training, you will need to consume a combination of carbs and proteins. After resistance training it is advisable to wait around 30 minutes before consuming food.

After your cardio session workout, your body mainly requires carbohydrates and the best ones are those that are high in fibre. The best carbs to consume 5-10 minutes after your work out are rice, oatmeal or whole wheat pasta.

I like a combination of both of these exercises. Each one helps maintain your good health.


Benefits of Cardio Training

Being fit and healthy is how we all should want to live. Our body and health are our most valuable assets. It is important that we take care of our selves and our loved ones.

When you want to maintain your health, one of the best ways is cardio training.

What Is Cardio Training?

Cardio training elevates the heart rate and uses the large muscle groups of the body.

Some exercises that will get the heart elevated include, walking, jogging, aerobics, football, cycling, rowing, snow skiing, kick boxing and swimming. You may be a member of a gym and they may have a cardio circuit set up.

 What Benefits Do We Get From Training?

1. You will gain increased energy

After a few weeks of cardio training, you will notice that your energy levels are starting to increase along with your endurance. You will be able to train for longer periods. If you started with 30 minutes of exercising you will be able to increase your time even up to 60 minutes.

2. Cardio Training Helps Prevents Diseases

Regular cardio training could help prevent heart disease. We know that it can help prevent a variety of diseases including diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. Cardiovascular training strengthens the heart and the lungs and also increases bone density, which in turn, can help prevent Osteoporosis. People who prefer the lower range of exercise like walking or slow jogging can prevent these diseases.

3. A Way to Control Your Weight

Cardio training burns calories faster. If you want to lose weight, it is a great way to move those pounds. Along with a healthy diet, depending on what training you are doing, you will see a loss of weight. If you are overweight, you should contact your health practitioner to ascertain which the best exercise is for you.

4. Lose Body Fats

Even though some people do not consider themselves over weight, they will find that if they are carrying any extra fat, this training will certainly burn it off as long as the also have a healthy diet. Regular training will make the body leaner.

Start Training to Get the Benefits

There is no better way to improve your overall health than by starting a cardio training regime.

What exercise you pick is your personal preference.

Today is the day you start. Take yourself for a walk around your neighbourhood. Start with a 30 minute walk and as your endurance improves you will be able to go for longer walks. As your fitness level increases it is advisable to increase the intensity of your training.

Avoid training just before going to bed. Training will elevate your energy levels and it would be difficult to get to sleep.

Never train on an empty stomach. Have a snack about 30 minutes before you are due to start training. If you have a snack only, you will burn it off while you are training.

One point to remember, you have to train on a consistent basis, about 5 times a week. You will also benefit from enjoying the surroundings and breathing the fresh air. You can elect to train by yourself or with a friend or you may simply want to take your dog for a walk. What ever exercise you do you will get great health benefits from cardio training.

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