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Getting Fit and Healthy

Getting fit and healthy is not a difficult concept to follow. We have often heard –“eat well and be healthy”. This is very important advice but there are also a few other guidelines we should follow. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and this helps prevent illness and disease. It is not difficult – the hardest part is just to start.

• Eat at least two piece of fruit and five vegetables daily
• Eat only lean meat, and skinless chicken
• Make fish a part of your weekly diet
• Avoid deep fried foods like potato chips
• Drink plenty of water
• Avoid processed and packaged foods
• Choose foods that are low in salt and sugar
• Learn to read the nutrition labels on tins and packages
• If you are a smoker – quit
• Don’t sit in front of computers or TVs for too long
• Drink alcohol in a responsible fashion
• Try to be active and exercise for about 30 minutes every day
• Eat plenty of cereals – wholemeal is especially good
• Always start the day with breakfast
• Include dairy in your diet – cheese, milk and yoghurt
• Avoid sodas that are high in sugars and avoid candy

We talk about committing ourselves to some type of exercise. What physical exercise is best? This really depends on how physically fit you are at present. If you are overweight and you want to lose weight, start with a simple form of exercise that you can do at least 4 to 5 times a week. These are just a few types you may consider.
• Walking – its free
• Get a friend or family member to walk with you
• Join a gym and try classes like yoga, pilates, or step
• Get yourself a personal trainer
• Take the dog for a walk
• Play with your children
• Swimming
• Tennis
• Bowls

For those who like to make excuses every time the word “exercise” is mentioned, here are just a few tips that will help you to achieve. Along with a healthy diet, the fact is that exercise increases our energy levels and we will then experience better health. These are a few ideas to help change the way you think about exercise.

This is essential – get your training or exercise clothes together before you go to bed.  There is no excuse, the clothes are ready for first thing in the morning or when you get home from work. Start with a very low intensity form of exercise and as your fitness level increases, the intensity can be increased. There is no point to over doing it and ending up sore and sorry for yourself.

Make a rule that the television or computer is not turned on until after you have completed your exercise. Make it easy and enjoyable – take a friend or family member, or the dog, with you on your walk or just take your ipod or mp3.

Commit to a minimum of 4 to 5 exercise sessions a week of at least 30 minutes a time.

Don’t rush out to purchase expensive exercise equipment. Start with some simple form of exercise and as you fitness levels improve then think if you want the equipment. There is no point in wasting money on something you are not going to use.

Being healthy is about eating that healthy diet and committing to a fitness and exercise program and following your dreams and passion in life.

Maintain Strong Bones

The strength of all of the bones in our body is governed by a few simple factors. We want to make sure that our bones are strong and we can even improve our bone strength.


Exercise is essential to maintain good health and increase our bone density. There are two cells that alter the form and strength of our bones. These are the osteoclasts which thicken our bones and then we have the osteoblasts which have the reverse effect and will break the bones down. When we exercise, we can alter the activity of these cells. When you exercise, you are putting force on your bones and this in turn creates an electric current that moves along the bones. During exercise the osteoclasts are stimulated and the result is that this stimulation builds up the bones which are being stressed. When this is happening, the osteoblasts will absorb small amount of bone that is not required.

This action will help increase the strength of the bones.


Your bones come from a crystal formation called apatite. Large amounts of calcium and a small amount of phosphorus is needed by apatite. We have always been told we need calcium in our diet. Vitamin D (also known as the “sunshine” vitamin) helps the body absorb and use calcium. These days they now add a form of vitamin to some milk products.

Dairy products such as cheese and milk are a great source of calcium. If you tend not to use diary products, there are other ways of getting calcium. Calcium is found in many varieties of nuts, green leafy vegetables, legumes and grains. The nutrient found in milk and other dairy products stick to the calcium and you can lose it. Calcium in dairy products is harder to digest and absorb. That is why you should also get your calcium from the other sources we have already named.

So now you can see why you should maintain a good healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. Your exercise regime should include both aerobic and flexibility components.

Raw Food Diet

Do you think you could go on a raw food diet? It’s is a popular diet because not only do you lose weight but you are also leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Most people eat a lot of processed food and some of the food additives that have been added to this food are actually harmful to your body. Some processed foods are full of preservatives and this is not want you should be eating. Processing and cooking food may also take some of the nutritional value out of it. So if you want to lose weight and become healthier why not try the raw food diet.

The raw food diet means that you do not eat processed food and you eat uncooked whole food such as fruit and vegetables. You can also including raw nuts and seeds and dried fruits. You can eat a great variety and you certainly do not have to go hungry. Why not grow your own sprouts?

On a raw food diet, you will find that you are consuming food that contains a lot of liquid. This is the same way our ancient ancestors ate. Most of the liquid they consumed was from the food they ate or natural spring water.

The raw food diet is a diet where you will find that you have a lot of energy. It is a great way to get a healthy body and healthy skin. Our bodies are meant to work and we need to exercise for maximum health and fitness. If you can eat raw food and exercise at least five times a week for at least 30 minutes a time, you will find that you can avoid being ill. This diet is gaining in popularity especially when people see how they can become so healthy. Check out this video about a raw food diet.

What is the Truth about Detox Diets?

Some detox diets are controversial so therefore care and advice should be sought before starting one.

Detox diets are undertaken to clean out your system of toxins and poisons. They are not recommended for everyone especially if you have any medical condition such as diabetes or a heart condition, also not recommended for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. Teenagers are another group that should not use a detox diet because it will rob their bodies of important vitamins and minerals that their bodies need during this phase of growth and development.

This type of diet is not specifically designed for you to lose weight but this could be one of the side effects. There are also some other bad side effects that you may suffer like headaches, fatigue, hunger and skin problems such as acne.

During this diet, you will eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. The vegetables are mainly raw so that you are getting the maximum benefit from the natural vitamins and minerals. Over the next few days, because you have eliminated certain foods from you normal diet and you may be taking some type of tablet or powder laxative that you have bought from your pharmacist, your system will start to clean itself. Eating natural foods like fruit and vegetables will improve the function of the liver, kidneys and intestines.

Because you have changed you diet and you may also be taking some form of laxative, be prepared to make frequent visits to the bathroom. During this time, you should drink lots of water and fluids to prevent dehydration.

There is no medical evidence at the moment that these diets are effective.  The body normally does its own cleaning process. When you are healthy, and you have a good diet, it should not be necessary. If you think you should commit yourself to doing this diet, it may be advisable to seek medical advice first. Remember it could be detrimental to some people if they have some known health conditions.

There are other diets that maybe more suitable for you.

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