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What Exercise is Right for You?

What Exercise is Right for You?

At Health Through Healing Hands, we would like to consider what exercise you would enjoy and would be best for you. If you are not exercising at present, it would be a good idea to check with your health practitioner to get their opinion. Remember, a healthy diet and committing to any form of exercise will help with your weight loss and tone your body. You have to exercise at least five days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes to obtain the best result.

If you have not exercised for some time,when you first start, take it slowly. We believe that all exercise is good for you and will help you lose weight. What is best, an exercise like walking, weight lifting, yoga, tai chi or swimming? Do you join a gym and do group classes or do you exercise alone? Would working out with a personal trainer be the answer? All you truly need is to keep yourself on track and motivated.

At Health Through Healing Hands we are firm believers in a combination of exercises that include resistance exercises and flexibility training. Not only will you lose weight but you are improving your health at the same time. Recent studies have proven that the risk of osteoporosis is lower for people who are committed to doing weight bearing exercises for up to three times a week. The reason for this is that this type of exercise builds stronger, denser bones. These are a few forms of weight bearing exercises – weight lifting, hiking, step aerobics, jogging or any other exercise form that requires the body’s muscles to work against gravity. You may also include dancing in this category.

The best forms of flexibility training are yoga, pilates and tai chi.

Do You Purchase Exercising Equipment for Home?

The purchasing and the use of exercising equipment is a personal choice. To have this equipment at home, allows you to use it at any time you want. You can exercise through all seasons – so no excuse that it is cold or raining and you can not get out exercising. You are in the privacy of your own home and you may feel more comfortable to exercise this way. We do not suggest you rush out to buy any equipment unless you specifically know that you will use it and achieve your goals of weight loss and a healthy body.

As a member of a gym, I personally like to start each session with the tread mill – but that is my choice. I select the speed I want and I can see how many calories I am burning off in that session – however, not all machines are the same and if you want one with this type of feature make sure you select the right one. Because you can adjust the speed – it is easy to start at a slower rate and as the weeks pass and your fitness levels improve – you will be able to increase your rate to a slow jog. There are both electric and manual tread mills available.

I am also a big fan of the Swiss ball – but again this is my personal choice. There are many exercise that you can do using the Swiss ball but it requires you to get confident and comfortable with it.

Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s define what we believe a Healthy Lifestyle is all about. What do we understand when we say healthy lifestyle or healthy living? Can we be healthy at any age? YES – there is no reason why you can not be fit and healthy and enjoy your life.

Overall health is best achieved through a combination of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being and living a life of moderation in all things.

Physical health is where we refer to the total health of the body and the best way to achieve this is through a regular exercise program, eating a healthy diet and having the correct amount of rest and sleep each day.

Mental health can best be described as a measure of our emotions and the absence of any mental disorder. This requires that we try and reduce our stress level or at least learn to cope with the stresses of our every day living. A natural way to reduce stress is have a regular body massage.

Social well-being is mixing and enjoying the company of family and friends. We all need inter-action with other people, as conversation is one good way to stimulate our brain. The maintenance of strong social ties with friends and family is often linked to good health and longevity.

It is very important when thinking of a state of healthy living to consider other factors such as environment, lifestyle, relationships and our access to medical services if we do get ill. Environmental factors have to be considered because it can have a devastating affect on a person’s health. We are all aware of the people who have been exposed to radiation as in Chernobyl and the problems now, found with workers who were exposed to asbestos, who now suffer from a multitude of problems including mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Enjoy Your Job

Another important part of your life that can affect your health is your job or your workplace. Having a job that you enjoy and where there is little or no stress, is very important. You spend most of your waking hours at your place of employment. Stress has a negative effect on the body and causes high blood pressure and this in turn can cause diseases such as stroke and Type 2 diabetes.

We spend most of our lives at work so the best thing we can do is look at what we are doing now and what do we want to do in the future. If you want to change careers, it is as easy as planning and setting goals, to acquire the new skills you may need. It may take a few years but you can achieve anything you want. Think about it, if you think it will take time to development new skills or improve on those that you have – you are right, but if you do not do anything to improve, you will be stuck in the same place with the same problems and the same frustrations. This is not good for your health.

Healthy living today is just that. Follow your dreams and enjoy your life and following a healthy diet and a regime of exercise and fitness that will allow you to maintain your good health.

Staying Motivated to Exercise

Staying Motivated to Exercise.

When it comes to exercising, it is really a “do it yourself” proposition. Yes, you can have a gym membership and even a personal trainer, but if you are not motivated you will make every excuse. One motivating factor could be you want to lose weight for a special occasion, like a family wedding or because your doctor has said you have to lose weight to prevent or rectify any health problems.

Once a person can start an exercise campaign and see what benefits they are gaining – it is easier for them to stay motivated. It is not only the exercising that will help you trim down but you should also consider a really healthy eating plan. You don’t have to change your entire life, but it can be as easy as cutting out saturated fats, sugars and salt.

You have to become a label reader and know exactly what foods are good for you and what ones to avoid.

Over the last 60 years, people are not doing the physical tasks they were doing, both at home and at work. People tend to drive or catch public transport rather than walking as they did previously. We have so many labour saving devices in our home that we do not have the same amount of activity we once had.

Some people who do lose weight can very easily regain it. If they stop exercising and go back to their old life style, they soon regain the weight and in most cases – more. People who stop exercising tend to return to their sedentary ways even though they were enjoying exercising.

Despite this, we can prevent it from happening. We all know that we enjoyed the loss of the weight and how good we felt, but what we want to achieve is to keep motivated and exercise and then we can stay healthy and avoid many health problems associated with being overweight.

Ways to lose weight.

Have a clear goal if you want to lose weight. Be very specific. Know exactly the amount of weight you desire to lose. You may want to lose 30 pounds over the next six months. Now if you break that down to a monthly figure – it means losing 5 pound per month.

Now we know that is not impossible to achieve if we modify our eating habits and adopt an exercise plan.

Develop your own strategy.

To lose the weight you must have both a healthy diet and an exercise regime. In the beginning, your exercise programme may be hard and appear slow but as time goes on you can increase the intensity of your training. If at first you can not manage to exercise for 30 minutes, start at 5-10 minutes and you will find that you will soon increase the time day by day.

As you start to lose weight, you may want to send your bigger sized clothes to the op shop. Once you do this, you will see that there a lot of clothes you used to wear that are smaller in size and they make you feel good about yourself. Seeing all these sexy clothes in your wardrobe, will certainly help motivate you and keep you on track.

A super motivator.

Depending on what you can afford, why not pay yourself for every pound you lose. It could be from $10 to $50 per pound and put it aside till you reach your goal weight. At the end you can take yourself on a shopping spree and get a new wardrobe.

Have an accountability partner.

Now my suggestion here is you get an accountability partner. It can be a friend or a family member. Get this person to take a photo of you before you start on any exercise programme. Having an accountability partner is fun because they can watch you achieve along the way and be very encouraging for you. They may want to lose weight also and your efforts will spur them into action.

That person is there to help you through the difficult times as well the great times. They are there to help motivate you and keep you on track.

Are you staying on track?

I am sure if you have taken an accountability partner, you will definitely be staying on track. From our example we started with wanting to lose 30 pounds, you may find after the first month, you have actually lost more than the estimated 5 pounds. If you have – well done. Only weigh yourself once a week – at the same time on the same day of the week.

After a few months, you will become very used to doing your exercises. Your may have even taken a training partner (who can be your accountability partner) and this will also help you. Once you start losing weight believe that you never want to go back to your old ways. Your life has now changed for the better.

Steps To Help You Manage Stress Effectively

Are you drowning in stress? Do you feel as if you will never be freed from it? There are many ways to reduce the stress in your life. Take control of your life and begin eliminating your stress by following these suggestions.

Although it seems unimaginable, cutting the stress out of your life is a goal you can achieve. Once you start to focus on the things that are causing you stress, you should be able to figure out what are your biggest triggers and begin to avoid these hot topics.

Regular activity and exercise is an effective way to relieve stress and bring a feeling of accomplishment. While exercise is not a miracle cure, incorporating regular workouts into your lifestyle can make your life better. It will not only release stress, it also makes you feel better about yourself.

Some hobbies and interests, such as video or word games, can provide a relaxing outlet for stress, but if they begin to cause you frustration, you should try something else. You should clear your head and let yourself relax, do not give into stressful feelings or frustration.

When you are feeling anxious, it is sometimes helpful to talk it out. You can really take a load of stress off your shoulders by discussing what affects you in the worse ways with somebody who can empathize with your situations, and will offer kind, thoughtful advice you can put to good use.

If you are stressed out at work, try to listen to comforting music if possible. Try and play music that is lower in key, as this has been shown to better soothe you. If you play music with a strong beat, be sure it sends a positive message.

Try to sit and daydream to escape stress. Visualize yourself in an exotic location and let your mind wander into the possibilities. Do these exercises to deal with any stressful situations.

Make sure you take some time for yourself every day, no matter how busy you are. It can be as simple as enjoying a cup of joe, or reading a book you love. It just needs to be something that lets you fight the stress and calm down.

If your life is stressful, consider getting a pet. Pet ownership has been used successfully to relieve the symptoms of many illnesses. Animals are always thinking about the present and less about future or past occurrences. This is a piece of wisdom you can take to heart in your own life. Having an animal or two around can relax and soothe you so that you can cope better.

Music has been known to create a feeling of peace that is useful for reducing stress. You may just like to listen to music, or you may be a musician yourself. Listening to relaxing classical music can reduce your stress while you are dealing with difficult tasks. No matter how you choose to apply it, music is considered a wonderful choice for getting over stress.

As you should now see, it is possible to reduce or eliminate some of your stressors. Do not allow stress to take over your life. You can do many things to find a peace and calm in life and push stress to the side.

Getting Fit and Healthy

Getting fit and healthy is not a difficult concept to follow. We have often heard –“eat well and be healthy”. This is very important advice but there are also a few other guidelines we should follow. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and this helps prevent illness and disease. It is not difficult – the hardest part is just to start.

• Eat at least two piece of fruit and five vegetables daily
• Eat only lean meat, and skinless chicken
• Make fish a part of your weekly diet
• Avoid deep fried foods like potato chips
• Drink plenty of water
• Avoid processed and packaged foods
• Choose foods that are low in salt and sugar
• Learn to read the nutrition labels on tins and packages
• If you are a smoker – quit
• Don’t sit in front of computers or TVs for too long
• Drink alcohol in a responsible fashion
• Try to be active and exercise for about 30 minutes every day
• Eat plenty of cereals – wholemeal is especially good
• Always start the day with breakfast
• Include dairy in your diet – cheese, milk and yoghurt
• Avoid sodas that are high in sugars and avoid candy

We talk about committing ourselves to some type of exercise. What physical exercise is best? This really depends on how physically fit you are at present. If you are overweight and you want to lose weight, start with a simple form of exercise that you can do at least 4 to 5 times a week. These are just a few types you may consider.
• Walking – its free
• Get a friend or family member to walk with you
• Join a gym and try classes like yoga, pilates, or step
• Get yourself a personal trainer
• Take the dog for a walk
• Play with your children
• Swimming
• Tennis
• Bowls

For those who like to make excuses every time the word “exercise” is mentioned, here are just a few tips that will help you to achieve. Along with a healthy diet, the fact is that exercise increases our energy levels and we will then experience better health. These are a few ideas to help change the way you think about exercise.

This is essential – get your training or exercise clothes together before you go to bed.  There is no excuse, the clothes are ready for first thing in the morning or when you get home from work. Start with a very low intensity form of exercise and as your fitness level increases, the intensity can be increased. There is no point to over doing it and ending up sore and sorry for yourself.

Make a rule that the television or computer is not turned on until after you have completed your exercise. Make it easy and enjoyable – take a friend or family member, or the dog, with you on your walk or just take your ipod or mp3.

Commit to a minimum of 4 to 5 exercise sessions a week of at least 30 minutes a time.

Don’t rush out to purchase expensive exercise equipment. Start with some simple form of exercise and as you fitness levels improve then think if you want the equipment. There is no point in wasting money on something you are not going to use.

Being healthy is about eating that healthy diet and committing to a fitness and exercise program and following your dreams and passion in life.

Maintain Strong Bones

The strength of all of the bones in our body is governed by a few simple factors. We want to make sure that our bones are strong and we can even improve our bone strength.


Exercise is essential to maintain good health and increase our bone density. There are two cells that alter the form and strength of our bones. These are the osteoclasts which thicken our bones and then we have the osteoblasts which have the reverse effect and will break the bones down. When we exercise, we can alter the activity of these cells. When you exercise, you are putting force on your bones and this in turn creates an electric current that moves along the bones. During exercise the osteoclasts are stimulated and the result is that this stimulation builds up the bones which are being stressed. When this is happening, the osteoblasts will absorb small amount of bone that is not required.

This action will help increase the strength of the bones.


Your bones come from a crystal formation called apatite. Large amounts of calcium and a small amount of phosphorus is needed by apatite. We have always been told we need calcium in our diet. Vitamin D (also known as the “sunshine” vitamin) helps the body absorb and use calcium. These days they now add a form of vitamin to some milk products.

Dairy products such as cheese and milk are a great source of calcium. If you tend not to use diary products, there are other ways of getting calcium. Calcium is found in many varieties of nuts, green leafy vegetables, legumes and grains. The nutrient found in milk and other dairy products stick to the calcium and you can lose it. Calcium in dairy products is harder to digest and absorb. That is why you should also get your calcium from the other sources we have already named.

So now you can see why you should maintain a good healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. Your exercise regime should include both aerobic and flexibility components.

Eating and Exercise

Eating well is something we should do every day and when we combine this way of life we exercise we should maintain good health. Your body needs energy to exercise and so our everyday tasks. What you eat is very important.

It does not matter if you are doing cardio or resistance training, you should always maintain a balance between the protein and the carbohydrates that you eat. This balance depends on the type of training you are doing. High intensity training requires that you will need to consume more calories than if you are only doing a very light workout only consume fewer calories.

If you are a person who does a lot of cardio exercising, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein is 2/3 carbs to 1/3 protein. This prevents you muscles from breakdown during your exercise.

If, however, you are doing resistance training the mixture of proteins to carbohydrates is the opposite- 1/3 carbs and 2/3 protein. This will help protect your muscles while you exercise this way.

It is also important to eat after you have exercised. When you exercise you deplete your body of energy in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is the fuel required by the brain and central nervous system. You have to replace this glycogen because if it is not replaced, you body will start breaking down muscle tissue into amino acids and the covert these into fuel for the brain and central nervous system.

When you do resistance training, you will break down some of your muscle tissues by creating small tears. This is why you need your protein because this will aid in the repair of those muscles. When you have completed your resistance training, you will need to consume a combination of carbs and proteins. After resistance training it is advisable to wait around 30 minutes before consuming food.

After your cardio session workout, your body mainly requires carbohydrates and the best ones are those that are high in fibre. The best carbs to consume 5-10 minutes after your work out are rice, oatmeal or whole wheat pasta.

I like a combination of both of these exercises. Each one helps maintain your good health.


Raw Food Diet

Do you think you could go on a raw food diet? It’s is a popular diet because not only do you lose weight but you are also leading a much healthier lifestyle.

Most people eat a lot of processed food and some of the food additives that have been added to this food are actually harmful to your body. Some processed foods are full of preservatives and this is not want you should be eating. Processing and cooking food may also take some of the nutritional value out of it. So if you want to lose weight and become healthier why not try the raw food diet.

The raw food diet means that you do not eat processed food and you eat uncooked whole food such as fruit and vegetables. You can also including raw nuts and seeds and dried fruits. You can eat a great variety and you certainly do not have to go hungry. Why not grow your own sprouts?

On a raw food diet, you will find that you are consuming food that contains a lot of liquid. This is the same way our ancient ancestors ate. Most of the liquid they consumed was from the food they ate or natural spring water.

The raw food diet is a diet where you will find that you have a lot of energy. It is a great way to get a healthy body and healthy skin. Our bodies are meant to work and we need to exercise for maximum health and fitness. If you can eat raw food and exercise at least five times a week for at least 30 minutes a time, you will find that you can avoid being ill. This diet is gaining in popularity especially when people see how they can become so healthy. Check out this video about a raw food diet.

Reasons to Exercise

Exercise is for everyone to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Along with a healthy eating plan, you should definitely plan some form of exercise.

Exercise helps us lose weight.

This is a simple fact that you burn up calories while you exercise and this will contribute to weight lose. The more you are prepared to exercise, the more weight you can lose. To lose weight you have to burn up more calories than you consume. You should exercise a minimum of five times a week.

Exercise will help you prevent disease.

When we exercise on a consistent basis, we can help our bodies prevent disease. These diseases include cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

There is a correlation between the lack of exercise and obesity. These people fail to see that the exercise will stop them increasing their weight. They become binge eaters and just keep eating and increasing their weight and increase the chance of some major disease.

Improving your health

Exercise can help improve the state of your health. It can prevent and even reverse some health problems. It has been scientifically proven that if you exercise on a regular basis, you can prevent many of the diseases as mentioned earlier.

Improving your mind

When we exercise, we release endorphins into our body. Endorphins will fight depression and you will feel happy. Another chemical that is released during exercise is serotonin. Serotonin will also help with overcoming depression and it will also help you sleep better during the night.

Benefits of regular exercise

Regular exercise and weight loss will help boost your self esteem. As you notice the weight disappearing and you body is becoming more toned, you will begin to feel so much better – not only health wise but also mentally.

The more you exercise the stronger you will become and this will in turn allow you to become stronger and fitter than you had imaged. It is a case of the more you can do – the more you will want to do to help you transform your life and live the life you have always imagined.

It really does not matter where you exercise – either in a gym or at home or in the local park as long as you do it. Exercise will definitely make you feel better and your health will thank you for it.

Exercise and The Effects on The Brain.

There is no doubt that everyone at all ages should make exercise a daily routine. Just thirty minutes per day for a minimum of 5 days a week can certainly change your life. Studies have shown that exercise can help with learning and prevent dementia in later life. There has now been new research conducted to find out how this is occurring. They now know that the brain receives energy during exercise just like your muscles.

During exercise, your muscles create mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny membrane enclosed structures that provide energy to our body. They are also known as the “power house” of the cells because they give the cells energy. It has now been shown that the brain also receives benefits from the mitochondria when you exercise.

When we exercise and the brain receives a boost of mitochondria, the brain receives extra energy allowing it to function faster and more efficiently. This could also help explain why people who exercise tend to stay younger and healthier than those that fail to exercise.  People who are committed to a regular exercise regime tend to stave off some of the diseases that come with the onset of age.

There is no particular exercise that is mentioned that is better than another. Any form of exercise, as long as done on a regular basis, is beneficial.

One researcher into this is J. Mark Davis who is a physiologist at the University of South Carolina. “The evidence is accumulating rapidly that exercise keeps the brain younger,” Davis told Scientific American.

It is up to all of us to find an exercise that suits our lifestyle. It could be yoga, walking or working out in a gym or any other form you like, but to maintain our health, we need to exercise on a regular basis.


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