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Can We Get Health Through Healing Hands?

At Health through Healing Hands, we never advocate that people abandon any medical treatment they are receiving. We believe that alternative therapies and other forms of healing may be helpful to you. Are you aware of the power of your own mind? You may be surprised to realize that we are all capable and have the capacity to be healers.  There are a variety of ways to achieve spiritual and holistic healing and here are just some of the ways – Meditation and Visualization, Reiki, Pranic Healing but it is not important what we call it, in our society, as long as it achieves a healing result. Some practitioners prefer not to use the word spiritual while others are happy to be known as a spiritual healer.

We are all given this gift to heal but not all of us choose to use it or know that we are capable to heal ourselves and others. We also all have physic potential that we can develop to enrich our lives and help promote health and happiness. There are no special requirements to learn Reiki or Pranic Healing – only the desire to learn and heal. Sometimes practitioners of these therapies are known as spiritual healers.

In Western medicine when we are ill, the illness is looked at in isolation and medicine is prescribed. Even the medical profession in the Western world must acknowledge that the original medicinal herbal mixtures came from nature’s gardens and we all know that God created nature. Medicines give a boost to our bodies for healing to begin. The medicine itself has no ultimate healing power – we have that healing power through our belief system.

In some countries, healing has been frowned on for centuries, every deemed witchcraft or quackery, but in 1956 the British Medical Association produced a report “Divine Healing and Co-operation between Doctors and Clergy.” The report stated quite clearly that “through spiritual healing, recoveries take place that cannot be explained by medical science.”

This was a great leap forward for the healer – be it spiritual healing or alternative therapies. They were formally recognized.

What happens when a spiritual healing takes place? In healing there is a conscious shift in the mind, allowing the body to heal. For the healing to occur, in most cases, the patient must want the improvement and have the belief that the healing is happening. It may be instantaneous or it can take place over a longer period of time. Our Inner-Spirit guides us during these healing sessions. God is infinite and all things are possible.

In the future, doctor’s procedures will be much different from the way they are now. Some in the medical profession are now embracing alternative therapies. Acupuncture is one of the best examples of this. Pranic Healing has been introduced into some hospitals. Some oncologists are encouraging patients to learn and practice meditation. They are realizing that most drugs only treat the symptoms, they rarely cure and patients can have harsh side effects or even dependency. Some of these therapies will help the mind, body and spirit attain peace and harmony. When we attain this peace our thoughts are uplifting and positive and we are less stressed and allow any healing to take place.


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