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Eating the Chinese Way.

We all know that a healthy diet is essential but sometimes we do not follow that advice. The Chinese way is to eat sparingly only eat until you feel 80% full. All food must be well chewed so the enzymes in the saliva start breaking down the food immediately. They tend not to have extremely hot or extremely cold foods. They will sip fluids while they are eating and this is often hot tea. Coffee is frowned on in this diet.

There ideal method of cooking is steaming, poaching or stir frying. The traditional diet is one of complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit and very low in saturated fats. They prefer fish and they only eat meat in very small amounts.

The Chinese diet avoids the use of dairy because they believe it to be the main cause of allergies and infections. Eggs are rarely eaten but they will eat chicken. Chicken will raise the qi (energy) levels.  They also avoid potatoes, peppers and tomatoes.  Even in the Western world, some people get allergies from peppers or tomatoes.

A grain, particularly rice, is rated very highly in their diet. Pulses such as kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils are also included especially in their stir fries.

They believe that cooking their vegetables is beneficial and builds up the body while uncooked vegetables or cold vegetables have an eliminating action.

Red meat is rarely used in this diet as it is only consumed when the body is depleted of energy.

The Chinese are firm believers that food and herbs is the way to cure many illnesses and diseases. If you can find a qualified Chinese medical practitioner, you can avoid taking drugs and get better in a much more natural way. The old Chinese way was that you paid the doctor when you were well and if you fell ill under his care – you never paid him for the treatment.

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When we mention the term Acupuncture most people envisage all these needles stuck into various parts of the body. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure dating back thousand of years. It has since been introduced into western society and this ancient Chinese technique has helped thousands in managing various medical conditions including chronic pain and fatigue.

This is how it works. The system of Chinese medicine believes that energy (known as Qi) flows through a series of meridians in your body. These meridians, at certain points, run very closely to the skin. This allows the meridians to be accessed using the acupuncture needles. The needles are inserted to normalize the flow of the energy and remove any blockages. There is either excess energy or not enough energy and this is what the practitioner must ascertain and treat.

There have been various scientific study carried out to see if they can see how it works and they all support that acupuncture is effective. It is not known in the west exactly how – but suffice to say, they agree it works.

Like any form of medical procedure, there can be side effects. The medications you take can have side effects and can cause allergic reactions and we all know the risks associated with surgery. For Acupuncture, the risks are relatively minor, these can include minor bleeding, bruising and in some cases dizziness.

Always make sure your practitioner is licensed by the appropriate government body and they are also a member of a relevant professional association.

At your first session, your Acupuncturist will check your medical history and how you health is currently. Usually depending on what condition you have troubling you, the therapist will normal suggest a series of treatments. These sessions often last for 30-60 minutes when the needles are strategically placed along the meridians. The needles stay in for the most of the treatment. They are not painful but most people experience a mild sensation where the needle is. There are different combinations of points for different health problems.

In our western society, Acupuncture is usually used in combination with western medicine. It has a history of being very beneficial and can help with many medical conditions.

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