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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient form of internal martial arts. It is practiced both for defense training and the many health benefits you achieve. Today there is both the traditional and modern form but both give the same benefits.

Tai Chi is practiced all over the world and there are training schools where you can attend the practice. There are people all over the world who have no interest in martial arts enjoy Tai Chi.

The practice of Tai Chi involves three elements – health, meditation and martial arts. It is a series of slow movements through each joint that is one of the main benefits. There is no muscle tension when it is practiced correctly. The mind is focused on the movement and this results in a state of calmness and so helps reduce stress levels.

Like all eastern therapies, Tai Chi treats the whole body. In this sense it is a little like yoga as it has its own forms that combine body, mind and spirit.

There are various levels of Tai Chi and in the traditional schools as the students get to higher levels they are instructed in various element of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There is no age limit to the person who wants to practice Tai Chi. If you travel in China you can see Tai Chi being practiced in many open area parks.

So if you would like to start with one of the gentlest therapies to improve your health, why not investigate the possibilities of joining a practice group. There are no special uniforms to purchase as with other martial arts. It is required that you wear loose clothing so your movements are not impeded in any way.

I have included a video to show you some of the forms that are practiced.


Chi kung or Qigong is the practice of using the breathe during physical activity that combines the body mind and spirit as one. It is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. “Chi” is known as energy, body energy or vital power and is one of the vital substances of the body and “kung” means force or power.  However, in the western world we sometimes think of “chi” as life breath.

Qigong is a combination of breathing and both mental and physical exercises. There are four basic types of qigong: dynamic, static, meditative and activities requiring external aids. It is heavily based on Chinese philosophy.

When you look at qigong you will find that some of the movements are very similiar to yoga and tai chi. This video will show you what the practice looks like.

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