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Benefits of Alternative Therapies

There are people out there who have been victims of some degenerative diseases such as AIDS, MS and chronic fatigue syndrome and do we still wonder where these health problems started.

Is it possible to remain healthy and avoid a lot of illness and disease? What do you do to maintain a healthy mind and body? There a great number of people now seeking alternative cures. There are a greater number of people taking medicine and health additives that they can purchase from their health store.

These people are also more likely to try alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine – from herbs, traditional massage or acupuncture.

We all know that many unhealthy conditions are caused through the wrong diet. These conditions can be reversed if we change the diet. These can include heart disease, weight problems, arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. They may also need some medication in the beginning but it is possible to regain your health and you might be able to cease your medication with the agreement of your doctor.

Even our western doctors are advising patients to use alternative therapies. Natural therapies that are found in alternative medicine are much older than any of the western treatments.

While we can all agree that drugs have saved lives and modern medicine has extended lives, there are still super bugs out there that are now drug resistant.

It is important to know what is available to us in keeping healthy. I do not believe that just diet alone will keep our body healthy. There has to be some form of exercise that will help maintain our bodies. It could be as easy as walking or attending a yoga or tai chi class. Exercise is a vital component of staying healthy.

So why not allow yourself to try some of these therapies that are available. Some doctors are now realizing that just as in the eastern Medicine – you have to treat the body as a whole – that is body, mind and spirit. They are searching for answers why some of their patients are not improving with the drugs they have prescribed.

The world is once again embracing the natural way to healing.

Chinese Cupping

In traditional Chinese medicine the body must be in balance and there has to be harmony in the yin and yang energies. If the yin energy and the yang energy are out of balance, the result means sickness or, even worse, disease. The body has both yin and yang meridians running through it.

When we achieve balance we will have good health. One way of balancing these energies is through cupping.

Cupping has been around for hundreds of years. Some people wonder how it works. I have had the treatment several times and I know that it works.

If your body is full of toxins, your body will be unbalanced. If you have muscles that are sore, cupping can help relieve that soreness by drawing out the toxins. Cupping creates heat and it will help alleviate the toxins that can be caused by stress and tension.

There are two types of cups that can be used. You can use glass cups that are heated using fire and then applied to a particular spot or they can be moved around. The other type of cup is to use a pump by placing the cup on the skin and using a pump attached to the cup that sucks the air from the cup.

Both methods create heat and this is how your body is brought back to optimum health. There is a risk that the skin may be discolored after cupping or the worse case is bleeding or blistering of the skin.

If this happens, you know that the patient is suffering from a serious condition where harmony has to be restored to their body.

Cupping can be used for several conditions but two of the main ones are respiratory and lung disorders. It is believed that cupping does not combat the virus but instead it produces more anti-virus. It is also widely used against arthritis and rheumatism and this is when the muscles are stimulated through heat and friction.

Cupping can definitely heal and there are several records as a testament to this treatment.

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Can We Use Energy Medicine?

Do you know much about your body’s energy? Energy medicine could be the medicine of the future. As we have seen previously that the ancient forms of medicine that the body was more than just fresh and bones but there was also energy there as well.

We feed our bodies to increase our energy and this energy gives us power. This is the same when we fill our cars with fuel; we want the car to be able to move. Accordingly to quantum physics, the molecules that make up the human are a form of vibrating energy.

Every thing around us is composed of fields of vibrating energy. Different things vibrate at different frequencies. We have all heard of xrays, microwave, radio waves and television waves – all of these vibrate at different frequencies. We have all read about kirlian photography and have seen examples. This proves that objects emit light rays. Different colors are indicative of different things.

Now that we are aware of the body being energy, we also must accept that there are different forms of energy some being emotional energy, natural energy and spiritual energy. You will find that your energy levels are the highest when you feel the happy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine all have one thing in common. They all refer to “life force.” In India it is Prana, In China it is Qi or Chi and in Japan it is Ki. The best way to describe it is a force that keeps us alive. We are all born with Chi and then some we get out of the foods we eat and the air we breathe.

Eastern religions teach that we have many spinning spheres in our body know as chakras. These Chakras spin at different frequencies and when each charka is spinning at the right frequency, we are balanced and in perfect health. With all the stresses of today’s society, if the charkas become unbalanced, illness will follow.

To fix this it may be necessary to go to a Reiki therapist or you can also fix it by visualizing and meditation on the charkas.

These are the main Charkas where they are and what color they are and what they govern.




What they govern

Base                      Base of Spine              Red                 Your physical body and your survival

Naval                     At the naval            Orange             Emotional identity and sexuality

Solar Plexus        Solar Plexus           Yellow               Ego and self esteem

Heart                    Heart/Chest            Green               Love, balance, relationship

Throat                   Throat                        Blue                  Communication and Creativity

Third Eye             Brow                         Indigo               Imagination and institution

Crown                   Top of the Head    Violet                Wisdom/knowledge and understanding

So you can see that now in the Western world we are adopting some of these energy methods to help heal ourselves.


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