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Mindset and Weight Loss

This is a little different to how I normally write my blogs but I wanted you to read this and see if it can help you.

For years, I have had a personal trainer and I practice yoga. I consider that I am pretty fit and if I put on weight (like when I holiday in the US for Christmas with the family) I seem to be able to get it off again. It appears to my friends that it is very easy for me – so lately some of the ladies at yoga are asking me how I do it.

It is really no big secret – I change my mindset and watch what I eat very carefully. I just make sure that I have my two to three pieces of fruit a day and at least five vegetables. I know and believe that I will lose any extra pounds I have put on.

I avoid most carbohydrates like rice and pasta and allow myself no more than four pieces of wholegrain bread a week. I eat lots of chicken (no skin), turkey steaks and fish and if I don’t have vegetables I always make a large salad. I have one piece of red meat per week during this stage. I still do my training as well and if you do not train I suggest you can try something as easy as walking.

My snacks are usually a piece of my fruit allowance. I drink lots of water and I can honestly say that I never feel hungry. The reason is I have adopted the mindset of losing weight slowly but surely and this is exactly how it happens. It is what you believe that will change your outlook. If you believe that you can – you are going to achieve your weight loss results. Unfortunately, it also works if you believe that it is all too hard for you, you will not lose the weight.

The way you think and a sensible eating plan will definitely let you reach your desired weight. So get the mind in the right place and you will definitely get your desired weight.

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Reasons to Exercise

Exercise is for everyone to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Along with a healthy eating plan, you should definitely plan some form of exercise.

Exercise helps us lose weight.

This is a simple fact that you burn up calories while you exercise and this will contribute to weight lose. The more you are prepared to exercise, the more weight you can lose. To lose weight you have to burn up more calories than you consume. You should exercise a minimum of five times a week.

Exercise will help you prevent disease.

When we exercise on a consistent basis, we can help our bodies prevent disease. These diseases include cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

There is a correlation between the lack of exercise and obesity. These people fail to see that the exercise will stop them increasing their weight. They become binge eaters and just keep eating and increasing their weight and increase the chance of some major disease.

Improving your health

Exercise can help improve the state of your health. It can prevent and even reverse some health problems. It has been scientifically proven that if you exercise on a regular basis, you can prevent many of the diseases as mentioned earlier.

Improving your mind

When we exercise, we release endorphins into our body. Endorphins will fight depression and you will feel happy. Another chemical that is released during exercise is serotonin. Serotonin will also help with overcoming depression and it will also help you sleep better during the night.

Benefits of regular exercise

Regular exercise and weight loss will help boost your self esteem. As you notice the weight disappearing and you body is becoming more toned, you will begin to feel so much better – not only health wise but also mentally.

The more you exercise the stronger you will become and this will in turn allow you to become stronger and fitter than you had imaged. It is a case of the more you can do – the more you will want to do to help you transform your life and live the life you have always imagined.

It really does not matter where you exercise – either in a gym or at home or in the local park as long as you do it. Exercise will definitely make you feel better and your health will thank you for it.

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