Thought Field Therapy (TFT) ®

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) ® was discovered by Dr Roger Callaghan over 30 years ago when he was treating a woman who had a phobia about water.

What the doctor discovered that by using the meridian system of the body, as used in Chinese Traditional medicine, he was actually able to improve people who suffered negative emotions or fears within a very short period of time. As he continued to improve on the method he was using, he found that when using a sequential tapping on the face and the body, he could treat a lot of problems that sometimes seem to engulf people in their everyday life. Sometimes it can be as easy as one treatment however,some people need continued therapy but are eventually cured.

When other therapies were not working, he found that he could often help people lose weight, give up smoking, with phobias, trauma relief, fear of flying, fear of public speaking and so much more.

The tapping is at very specific places and I thought this video demonstration explains it very well. You will be able to understand how you can apply the Thought Field Therapy algorithm or the tapping sequences to improve your own life in many ways. So if you want to rid yourself of a phobia or fear, learn how to do it from this video.


    1. Hi Max

      Thanks for the visit. Yes I will write about EFT next. They are very similar and as I studied both of them, it was much more expensive to learn TFT. Both are very good tools.

      To YOUR success


  1. Hi Sue

    I think a lot of this is that people believe the tapping is going to help them and so it does.

    It is as has been said before “If you believe you can you can or if you believe you can’t you can’t”. Your belief in whether or not it will help is the answer to the program’s success.


    1. HI Richard

      Thanks for the visit. Yes I have to agree it is very much a mindset with so much in our lives. We all have to believe to achieve.

      To YOUR success


  2. Hi Sue
    I always learn something when I visit your site.
    I prefer Asian therapy to our pysiotherapy.
    Asian methods are much less painful that our physiotherapy treatments and make you feel much better. You feel more relaxed so I guess you have less muscle spasm.

    1. Hi Dee

      Yes I love all the Eastern therapies. They are less painful because they threat the whole of the body and not just one part in isolation. The Ki or Chi or Prana ( depending what Eastern country we are talking) – the life force – has to be tonified (increased) or sedated (decreased) in some areas of the body to make you feel better. It is a fascinating way and more and more people from the Western world are using these therapies.

      To YOUR success


  3. Sue,
    I wonder how old this therapy is?

    I did hear of TFT before, but didn’t know it by name. A friend of mine was trying it for her eye sight. I’ll have to ask her how it went.

    I also wonder why they call it ‘Thought’ Field Therapy.

    Thanks for the post,

    1. Hi Louise

      Thanks for the visit. The reason (I believe) is that you have to think of the problem you want to eliminate as you are tapping. You rate it on a scale of 1-10 and as you tap continue to rate it and eventually bring the number back to zero. Fascinating therapy that works very well for some people and not for others, I have found. Again it is your believe system that comes into play here.

      To YOUR success


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