What is Chiropractic Treatment?

There are many benefits that chiropractic treatment provides to a patient.  The benefits obtained depend on the condition of the patient and their ability to tolerate the treatment.

Chiropractic treatments are used to correct the alignment of the spine and joints. When the spine is out of alignment, it brought back into alignment through a series of manipulations and adjustments. The aim of the chiropractor is to maintain the spine and the nervous system in balance without the use of drugs or surgery.

If any individual’s joints move more or less than they should or joints move in an abnormal way, this will affect the alignment of the spine. Manipulations and adjustments help with the working of the spine and in turn this helps the muscles, ligaments and joints.

Some of the problems that can be alleviated through chiropractic therapy when the spine is brought back into alignment -include lumbago, sciatic and headaches. Some people are not aware their spine is out of alignment and when it is put back in, a pain that they are experiencing in another part of the body can disappear.

Many patients have a relaxed feeling after a session. In the early stages of a treatment, there may be some discomfort or mild pain because the joints are conditioned and the range of motion is increased.

For people who have experienced back and neck pain for many years, they will start to feel more confident because they are becoming capable of doing things that they have not been able to do for years.

Chiropractic therapy was first tried and practiced by DD Palmer who was a Canadian healer. He experimented on some patients and believed when he aligned their spine he got “miraculous” results. The therapy has come a long way since 1895.

Chiropractic is one form of natural treatment that has been accepted by the medical fraternity and some doctors will even refer patients to a chiropractor. Chiropractors treat the root cause of the pain and thereby eliminate the use of drugs.

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Sue McDonald

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  1. Hi Sue

    I am glad I have never needed to have this treatment.

    As you say in some people it can be a great help to them and ease if not remove completely the pain they have been suffering from.


    1. Hi Richard

      I have never had a treatment from them either but I have had friends who use them and have had good results. I guess you use a therapy that works for you.

      To YOUR success


  2. Hi Sue
    I had a bad experience with a supposedly fully qualified chiropractor. I have cervical spondylosis therefore you can’t align my spine, but I went because I had a slipped disc. He not only helped, he put another disc out!
    I am sure that done correctly it can help enormously.

    1. Hi Dee

      Personally I have never visited a chiropractor. I have heard from friends who have used their services both good and not do good. I guess it is like any other therapy – you use what works the nest for you.

      To YOUR success


  3. Sue,
    great info on Chiropractic Treatment.

    I have used chiropractors in the past. Once, shortly after my daughter’s birth. I had a degenerative disc in my lower back. And later on (when my daughter entered her teens) for hip and neck pain.

    To me it’s invaluable. You are so limited without a healthy spine. And back pain can be soooo debilitating.


    1. Hi Louise

      Personally I have never used them although I had a friend who was being treated by a chiropractor. I guess we all find the therapy that suits us best as individuals.

      To YOUR success


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