What is Insomnia

Many people ask what is insomnia and what causes it. Insomnia is one of the most misunderstood disorders that a great majority of people suffer from. Can we overcome insomnia now?

Insomnia makes you feel that you are continuously suffering – your physical and mental health can both be affected. People who fall to sleep easily and can sleep undisturbed – do not understand the problems faced by those who suffer insomnia. There are many reasons that people suffer from insomnia and there is a cure if we will follow the rules.

The best way to overcome the problem is to be educated and be shown how to overcome the disorder. An understanding of the disorder will help you overcome it. Insomnia can take many forms but the truth is that it is estimated that up to 30% of the population can suffer from this disorder.

People who do not suffer insomnia are sometimes intolerant of those who do. The non sufferer finds it difficult to comprehend why the sufferer can’t sleep. Deprivation of sleep can cause many problems. A person with insomnia can have serious health problems and the lack of sleep can increase the possibility of accidents.

The usual health problems resulting from lack of sleep are depression and heart disease. Depression can result in major health problems. Suffering from insomnia can almost always impair your performance at any task.

Let us lists some of the causes of this disorder and see if we can help the sufferer. Some causes of insomnia are – an acute illness, injury or surgery, the loss of a loved one, or losing your job. Temporary insomnia could also develop after a relatively minor event, including any of the following: arguments with a loved one, an exam at school, traveling and jet lag, trouble at work, stress and anxiety, changing your medication or simply changing your normal routine.

If we are able to establish the cause of insomnia – your health care professional can tailor a cure. Yes, there are ways to eliminate this disorder. There are various types of insomnia as sufferers will tell you. Some have difficulty falling asleep while others can’t stay asleep. They are constantly waking through the night. Those who are constantly waking up find it extremely difficult to get back to sleep. Most people with insomnia will suffer from many different symptoms. The main way to identify insomnia is through restlessness and lack of sleep.

The broken sleeping patterns of the sufferer result in continuous tiredness and irritability. The first thing for most sufferers is to try and educate themselves, and see if they can overcome the disorder. This can be done in consultation with a professional but is better if you try to overcome insomnia without drugs. Some people become dependent on drugs and never really get to the true reason they suffer from insomnia.

The symptoms and causes vary from one person to the next but there are ways to improve your condition and take charge.


  1. Hi Sue
    Sleep deprivation, however caused can be very debilitating. I tend to work on autopilot, and fortunately, I don’t drive. I am far from an insomniac, but they definitely have my sympathy.

    1. Hi Dee

      Sometimes I am when I have a lot on my mind but I only have a bad night once in awhile so I can’t really complain. I get to sleep easily enough but if I wake up and my mind clicks into gear, I find it almost impossible to get back to sleep.

      To YOUR success


  2. Hi Sue

    I wake up 2 or 3 times a night but have no problem getting back to sleep again.

    If I have a lot on my mind I can sometimes find it hard to get to sleep. When this happens I get up and either read or play games on my computer until I feel ready to sleep. I do not then usually have any further problems.


    1. Hi Richard
      We all have different sleep patterns but I hate it when I think too much during the night and cannot sleep.

      To YOUR success


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